New Dawn for Summerside Park: Winner of Naming Contest Announced

The Environment Office is excited to announce Alexander Duncan, a member of the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation, as the winner of the recent poll for renaming Summerside Park in Saugeen Shores. The newly chosen name, Waase-yaa, translates to dawn or start of a new day, symbolizing a fresh beginning and a deeper connection with the cultural heritage of the area.


This decision follows a community voting process, where members actively participated in selecting a name that reflects both the natural beauty and the cultural significance of the park. The Environment office extends its congratulations to Alexander Duncan for his meaningful contribution and thanks all participants who shared their creative and thoughtful suggestions.


The official process to rename Summerside Park to Waase-yaa is currently in motion. This change not only honors the rich indigenous history of the region but also marks a step forward in the community's journey towards inclusivity and recognition of its diverse roots. 

Sarah Heath

Events Coordinator